Uncreativity - Shopping Trolley Replica

Uncreativity - Shopping Trolley Replica

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Conceptual Mapping

Lines left from vacuuming.

Movement/action recording.

My vacuum is one where you have to hold down the button to use it so I used a piece of paper to map my use of it.


I mapped myself vacuuming my lounge room and tried to replicate the movement created during the activity. I used a high lighter to replicate the marks that the vacuum left on the carpet and show the actions I undertook in doing so.

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1. Original Work


This is the work I have decided to further explore as I feel it incorporates important aspects of my site and important ideas I have learnt throughout the course involving chance as part of a process. The left foot was taped to the bottom of my shoe and worn through my site while the right foot was pressed against the ground - these techniques allowed me to pick up textures, indents and marks. 

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2. Clay Imprint Samples

Made a smooth ball of clay and rolled this against various objects in my site to collect a texture from them. They all collected some other minor debris from the contact they made with the surface such as grass, dirt and bark. This is further exploration of marks in the site influenced by my original work for the first assessment.

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3. Clay Imprint

This work also further explores my previous work and it is a slab of clay which has been rolled into a flat shape resembling the shape and size of a welcome mat at the front door of a house. I think this reflects the suburban area and implicates chance as part of a process in regards to what shoe prints and marks will be collected as people walk over the work.

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4. Ball Rolling Clip

This work shows the process of rolling the ball through the site and marks and objects sticking to the ball. The work reflects the result of chance being a part of a process and the result. The ball rolling shows a sense of motion, reflecting the site as an area people travel through and around. The video originally went for about 30 minutes but I had to cut it down to upload it. 

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5. Nature Ball

This work began as a small basketball, I then used paper mache to cover it and make it white so that the orange wouldn’t come through and distract from the marks it carried. This work is the result of rolling the ball through the site and marks sticking to the glue on the ball. Again, this work reflects the result of chance being a part of a process and the result.

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6. Clay moulding - Sound 

This work is an extension of a class activity we did where we were blindfolded and given a word which we had to respond to by moulding the clay. I have explored something similar in my site by molding clay based on the noises I heard in my site, trying to do this mindlessly without an end result in mind. The work on the left was held in my hand as I walked through the site and along paths beside noisier roads while the work on the right was molded sitting in the park which was much quieter, listening to more natural sounds.

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7. Marble Tray

This work was made using a marble covered in paint which was then placed in the middle of a container lined with paper. The left painting shows the effect of me walking through the site holding the tray parallel to the slope of the ground, giving an indication of the inclines/sloped areas of my site. The right painting was done in a similar way except the tray was held flat on my lap while a car drove me through the site, giving an indication of the turns the roads make and the starts/stops when driving through the site.

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8. Glue Spiderwebs

This work is made from a black lid and glue sticks and is inspired by the spiderwebs found across the trees in the natural areas of my site. I created my own ‘man-made’ webs and this was done by rubbing glue between my fingers until it became stringy enough before wrapping it around the lid. Eventually the glue webs would begin to break apart and this reminded me of the spiderwebs so commonly broken as people walk through them on my site.

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